How to dress up so you eat – outfit for a summer barbecue party!

How to dress up so you eat – outfit for a summer barbecue party!

What makes a summer of course also for the summer (among other things) barbecue fritters on lukewarm evenings. I am confessing W├╝rstel Fan, Salattiger, Grillmaisfanat and also have nothing against one or the other summer spitters.
The best basis for such a summer festival is fashionable in my opinion a mix of comfort and styling. Grillfeste are actually always casual events, speak one should not appear to overload, the outfit may in any case not to wanted.

Here are a few tips:

Outfit with Maxikleid
Dress, bolero, brown bag, black bag, Roman sandals, flip flop
Put on a mix of comfort and styling. If you are unsure, call the host. In any case, they are always great dresses, which are loosely sitting, not pinching or bewitching, as well as concealing swollen legs (I do not know how you are, but my calves give at temperatures above 28 jual baju batik online degrees plus times ko. And spring up) , Then I do not feel well in the evening in short clothes.
A cool alternative (for those who do not fight with heavy legs) to clothes are frayed jeans shorts with casual cotton tunics or light sweaters.
Important for both outfit variants are flat shoes! Heels have lost nothing at a barbecue party, it can be comfortable with flip flops or flat sandals.

What to put into the handbag is something to put on. Just in August, the balmy evenings are quickly cool to summer nights and you should be prepared. I recommend a light jacket or cardigan made of cotton, silk or light wool. And what is always going on in the summer is the classic jeans jacket.
What you do with the outfit itself to restraint, you can catch up with the accessories again. Colorful satchel bracelets, large feather earrings, oversized bags or even hair jewelry look cheerful and summery and peppy.

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