Protect your feet

Protect your feet
Whether we want it or not, the winter is coming to us in big steps. Already in May ruled in Berlin minus. The cold can be a problem for man. It was even believed that colds were caused by cold. This is not quite true, but in the winter the immune system is very weakened. To defy the frosty temperatures, you need the right clothes and the right “packaging technology”. Women in particular suffer from “ice feet” in winter. On the other hand, it is best to protect yourself by pulling several layers of wool over each other. In addition, of course, warm, water-impermeable shoes are obligatory – here, for example, there is a selection of fashionable winter shoes that keep the feet warm.
Keep hands and head warm
When cold acts on the body, the latter tries to protect himself. This narrows the vessels – this leads to the tissue being less circulated and supplied with too little oxygen. The longer this condition persists, the batik pekalongan online┬ámore the cells are damaged. This affects, above all, those areas of the body, which are already poorly perfused, such as fingers, toes, nose and ears. That’s why both gloves, scarf and hat are indispensable in winter.
Onion peeling principle

Especially for cold-sensitive people, the motto is “There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. If you tend to freeze quickly, you should definitely dress in the onellook. This principle is just as simple as effective: you wear several layers of clothing on top of each other. The highlight is that the outer layers are very warm so you do not freeze outside. The inner layers, on the other hand, are rather light in order not to sweat when you are in a building. Due to the many locations, you can decide for yourself what you want to put off or put on again. For this to work, you should for example do without long underwear – these can not be so easy to undress. Instead, you can pull several jackets on top of each other, which is easy to open

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