Dress according to age: Well styled at any age

Dress according to age: Well styled at any age

What we wear carries our thoughts and feelings outwards. Clothing makes them visible to all. Consciously and unconsciously. Some women think that the aging process can be stopped with youthful clothing. Young women are supposed to be more respectful through more sophisticated clothing. Clothing, however, can neither rejuvenate nor age. But it can underline our personality and our appearance. However, only if we dress up properly according to age.

Admittedly, a 20-year-old looks much more crisp and fresher than a woman in the middle of 40. Hollywoodstar Gwyneth Paltrow, who claims to have the body of a young stripper, can not ignore (especially Mrs. Paltrow up to 18,000 euros Monthly invested in their appearance.). Women as they should know that the clothes not only serve to accentuate a bombastic figure, or to conceal old-fashioned phenomena; rather, clothing also shows where woman stands in her life. True to the saying: clothes make people, woman can choose how she wants to present herself. It can be “White Trash” or show itself as a lover of beautiful, selected things.

Dress up age & save embarrassing gigs

Who of us does not know them, these women, who apparently have not understood that they too are getting older. This “Forever Young” type of dome runs after an ideal that can not be achieved from a biological point of view. The aging process can not be stopped. Instead of adjusting the outer to youthful, it would be much easier to recognize that life also increases with age. The interests are changing and we should learn to accept them.

Dress up according to age- Anna dello Russo
Anna dello Russo is a style icon. Other women on the other side of the 50 would probably not look so smart and youthful.

Fashion is meant to underline the beauty of women of all ages. Every trend can be implemented according to age. You only have to know how. So instead of squeezing at the end of the 30th in a colorful, glossy leggings, you can just as well with accessories that are less noticeable, this trend.

Mini, Midi, Maxi – What rock length can it be?

The midi skirt is just as trendy as a pleated skirt in the metallic look.

The fact that the mini underlines the youth of a woman in her early twenties, we have already mentioned. However, the older we get, the longer our skirts will be. It just looks silly, if the skirt of a woman at the age of 35 years to just under the allergenest ranges. Much more beautiful is a skirt that ends just above the knee. Midi and Maxiröcke are particularly popular. The lengths range from the middle of the calf to the ankles. That is all of us. No matter how old we are.

Sneaker: When are we too old for Chucks?

In the case of Sneakers the spirits are separated. Since their form and design are currently heavily fashionable and the comfortable treads are no longer worn exclusively for sports, we should consider the type of sneaker we want to wear on our feet. The choice is great: there are numerous

The Converse Chucks are available in different colors & with trendy prints.

Retromodelle on the market, which reminds for instance of the 70s (for example, these sneakers from New Balance – model 420, which are available at Amazon). Also the universally – particularly with Teens and Twens – popular Chucks fall into this category. But is there actually an age from which we should not wear chucks anymore?

Of course not. It depends more on how the sneakers are combined with the rest of the outfit. Chucks are a sensible addition to tube jeans or the popular torn denim for women in their twenties. If you are older and do not want to miss out on the popular treads, you can also wear clothings and less figurative jeans. The same applies to other retrosneakers. After all, we want to create a sporty leisure look.

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