The way one dresses, one works

The way one dresses, one works
Bernadette Teuschl Clothes, Welfare General
Today is a topic that has nothing to do with Aloe Vera and still fits the general well-being – our clothes!

In principle everyone can wear in their everyday life what they like. The limits are where the feelings of others might be violated. A shining example of this would be the jogging suit at a funeral.

Whom it is important, what impression you leave, should nevertheless take the following things into consideration:

Always adapted to the occasion and generally rather overdressed than too casual.

Both the private and the professional can be enhanced by the right color. In this way, the human being is associated with the occupational and social position.

Black and white always looks serious and respectful, so they are always a good grip on formal occasions such as burials, opera visits, court proceedings.

Black, dark blue and gray radiance exude competence and seriousness. The idea “the higher the position, the darker the suit” can be explained well. For ladies, of course, the same applies to costume and trousers suit. This fact can also be seen in the selection of the clothes for job interviews or as a lecturer.

Pink is, in any case, dared. In business day almost a killerfarbe. The associations range from subservience, naivete to harmony at any cost. However, it can also give softer and more advantageous features, sometimes even radiate a certain amount of heat.

This depends strongly on the type (complexion, facial features, hair, radiance). This also applies to all other colors and the corresponding nuances. Green is not green, there is an apple, emerald, yellow or olive green, and every single color has a different effect on every person. Sometimes even on the same people on different days.

If you want to know exactly, investing in a color advice can be quite revealing and rewarding.


And now I remember how I can close the circle to the aloe!
As our clothing comes directly on our largest organ, the skin, it is not unimportant to take a closer look at the detergent for our clothes. Because everything that comes on our skin, also reaches our body. In addition to healthy nutrition and good cosmetic products, you can also do something good for yourself. And do not forget to wash new garments before first wearing. Since the majority of these garments have to survive an often monthly trip by shipcontainer, they are treated with chemicals (eg for pest control or prevention of pest infestation).

I highly recommend our FOREVER Aloe MPD Multi Purpose Cleaner.

This concentrated all-purpose cleaner with the nourishing effect of Aloe Vera can be used for washing, as a hand washing detergent and as a cleaning agent and is of course biodegradable.

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