Protect your feet

Protect your feet
Whether we want it or not, the winter is coming to us in big steps. Already in May ruled in Berlin minus. The cold can be a problem for man. It was even believed that colds were caused by cold. This is not quite true, but in the winter the immune system is very weakened. To defy the frosty temperatures, you need the right clothes and the right “packaging technology”. Women in particular suffer from “ice feet” in winter. On the other hand, it is best to protect yourself by pulling several layers of wool over each other. In addition, of course, warm, water-impermeable shoes are obligatory – here, for example, there is a selection of fashionable winter shoes that keep the feet warm.
Keep hands and head warm
When cold acts on the body, the latter tries to protect himself. This narrows the vessels – this leads to the tissue being less circulated and supplied with too little oxygen. The longer this condition persists, the batik pekalongan online more the cells are damaged. This affects, above all, those areas of the body, which are already poorly perfused, such as fingers, toes, nose and ears. That’s why both gloves, scarf and hat are indispensable in winter.
Onion peeling principle

Especially for cold-sensitive people, the motto is “There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. If you tend to freeze quickly, you should definitely dress in the onellook. This principle is just as simple as effective: you wear several layers of clothing on top of each other. The highlight is that the outer layers are very warm so you do not freeze outside. The inner layers, on the other hand, are rather light in order not to sweat when you are in a building. Due to the many locations, you can decide for yourself what you want to put off or put on again. For this to work, you should for example do without long underwear – these can not be so easy to undress. Instead, you can pull several jackets on top of each other, which is easy to open


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With the spring of the anticipated arrival a plump stuffed calendar occasions comes, waiting for you to enjoy. A special occasion in particular for the part worth dressing is the spring wedding. When it comes to the glamorous events, spring weddings are charming celebrations often enjoyed indoors or outdoors, depending on the location and event theme.
Gourmet cuisine, refined decor and champagne on tap are just some of the reasons that make a spring wedding such a grand opportunity to look forward to; But it’s the outfits that everyone’s looking for (and feeling) like a king.

From wedding planners, caterers and photographers to the guests and of course the bride and groom, each RSVP guest has their own role to play at a feather wedding. While the bride is to be right in the center on her special day, wedding ceremonies also present the perfect opportunity for the bridesmaids to present their fashion efforts!

At David Charles, our talented design department is proud of your little ladies bringing just the crème de la crème of the luxurious designer gowns – crafts outfits made for at any appropriate moment.

If you have a dose of spring wedding inspiration need to shape your bridesmaid in a pretty princess, we’ve got a sartorial statement jual baju batik online dress that is sure to give you at temptation before the new season. Currently one of our bestsellers, the David Charles ivory and gold flower bridesmaid dresses is a handmade breath of fresh air! With its ivory and metallic color palette, gold floral accents are effortlessly trendy for SS / 17. This exclusive dress also features triple-sleeved sleeves and decorative hem – an ideal choice for day or night.

Weddings are among one of life’s simple pleasures, a reason for the family and friends of all ages to come together and celebrate in style. So in the spirit of true love, why not pick a special princess dress à David David Charles and have your girls look Bridesmaid-ready in time for her next spring wedding.

How to dress up so you eat – outfit for a summer barbecue party!

How to dress up so you eat – outfit for a summer barbecue party!

What makes a summer of course also for the summer (among other things) barbecue fritters on lukewarm evenings. I am confessing Würstel Fan, Salattiger, Grillmaisfanat and also have nothing against one or the other summer spitters.
The best basis for such a summer festival is fashionable in my opinion a mix of comfort and styling. Grillfeste are actually always casual events, speak one should not appear to overload, the outfit may in any case not to wanted.

Here are a few tips:

Outfit with Maxikleid
Dress, bolero, brown bag, black bag, Roman sandals, flip flop
Put on a mix of comfort and styling. If you are unsure, call the host. In any case, they are always great dresses, which are loosely sitting, not pinching or bewitching, as well as concealing swollen legs (I do not know how you are, but my calves give at temperatures above 28 jual baju batik online degrees plus times ko. And spring up) , Then I do not feel well in the evening in short clothes.
A cool alternative (for those who do not fight with heavy legs) to clothes are frayed jeans shorts with casual cotton tunics or light sweaters.
Important for both outfit variants are flat shoes! Heels have lost nothing at a barbecue party, it can be comfortable with flip flops or flat sandals.

What to put into the handbag is something to put on. Just in August, the balmy evenings are quickly cool to summer nights and you should be prepared. I recommend a light jacket or cardigan made of cotton, silk or light wool. And what is always going on in the summer is the classic jeans jacket.
What you do with the outfit itself to restraint, you can catch up with the accessories again. Colorful satchel bracelets, large feather earrings, oversized bags or even hair jewelry look cheerful and summery and peppy.

tips on fashion

So that the evening does not fail at the entrance, you will find here dresscode tips and dress codes, which are presupposed by Berlin clubs to celebrate with.
Berlin is known for a huge club and festival scene that covers all the music and styles. The city is also known for its very hard door policy.
To ensure that the evening does not fail at the doorstep, you will find Berlin Dresscode tips and a summary of the different dress codes, which are presupposed by the different clubs, to enter the premises and celebrate with them. The four most common categories you will find in the dress code are: “Anything goes”, “Casual” and “Smart Casual”.

Not only the choice of dresses is crucial to become part of the evening celebration community. A well-groomed appearance and a not very alcoholic appearance before the doorman can be decisive. In addition, the evening dress code has to be informed in advance of the event, as this can vary from one event to another.
It is also important to avoid larger groups or groups of men. Here it is, before one is in sight of the doorman ….
Berlin Dresscode tips and dress codes

The dresscode “anything goes” is especially true for the freaked clubs of the city such as the Berghain, Sisyphos, the Kitkat Club and Katerblau. Anything goes means no matter what you wear, from suit to bienemaja costume, lacquer and leather or completely naked, everyone has the same batik online shop chance to be rejected by the doormen. The chance to get into the respective dance temple is significantly increased, if one dresses itself more crazy, but self-conscious not arrogant acting belongs likewise to it.

The Dresscode Casual is called “come as you are”. Jeans, sneaker and T-shirt are probably the most common clothing elements worn in the more fashionable clubs, both for man and for woman. Especially in the electroclubs of the city such as Ritter Butzke, the Prince Charles, Haubentaucher, the salon to the Wild Renate, Watergate or club of the visionaries is too often not liked, because it often does not fit into the easy atmosphere.


Kenza Drider alamat media saat ia Menunjukkan melawan larangan dari ‘niqab’ atau cadar di tempat umum, di luar Katedral Notre Dame pada tanggal 11 April 2011 di Paris, Perancis. (Foto oleh Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images)
Satu hampir tidak bisa membayangkan, tetapi pada tahun 2010 wanita Paris harus mendapatkan izin dari polisi menurut hukum, untuk menanggung “pakaian pria”. Hukum kuno ini memang akhirnya dicabut pada 2010 – dan telah lama tidak relevan dalam praktek – tapi kurang dari setahun kemudian, larangan pakaian baru diperkenalkan. Negara Eropa pertama Perancis melarang pemakaian burqa di depan umum (cadar bahwa beberapa Muslim melihat sebagai bagian dari agama mereka).

Perancis tidak sendirian dalam pengaturan ini. Seluruh dunia larangan pakaian ini saat ini en vogue: Belgia dan Belanda, misalnya, bahwa Perancis memiliki dengan larangan mereka sendiri burqa terhubung (tapi resolusi pemerintah koalisi Belanda, yang juga Geert Wilders sayap kanan Partai Kebebasan, bisa membuat pembalikan mungkin ). yang sedikit lebih halus karena Uzbek: Anda telah mengeluarkan larangan verbal terhadap penjualan pedagang pasar pakaian Islam. Dengan demikian, pembelian dan penjualan pakaian ini didorong ke pasar gelap. (Gambar ini disebabkan, seperti pedagang pasar mengangguk dan mengedipkan mata dari seorang wanita di bawah meja untuk memainkan Hijab).

Situasi ini sama di Kosovo, di mana selubung kepala dilarang di sekolah negeri dan dalam sekuler Tunisia dan Turki, di mana larangan berlaku di semua lembaga publik. Di Turki, ini berarti menurut New York Times bahwa perempuan tidak bisa bekerja di pengadilan, rumah sakit atau di Parlemen. Namun, bahkan dianjurkan oleh majalah glossy dan aktivis hak-hak perempuan sikap masyarakat berubah. Seperti artikel disebutkan sebelumnya New York Times melaporkan garmen tidak lagi secara otomatis terkait dengan kelas bawah atau orang yang kurang berpendidikan. Mengapa pakaian ini masih sangat kontroversial terus? Dari Perancis ke Tunisia argumen yang sama untuk larangan tersebut sering disediakan: Maraknya ekstremisme Islam harus dihentikan dan wanita akan dibebaskan. Selain itu, cadar hanya umumnya tidak praktis.

Arah melarang rok mini yang sama sekali berbeda, yang disahkan pada 2010 di resor Italia Castellammare di Stabia pergi. Larangan itu salah satu dari banyak langkah-langkah yang memperkenalkan walikota kota terhadap “perilaku antisosial”. Akhirnya, larangan itu akan membantu “memulihkan kesopanan perkotaan dan memfasilitasi hidup berdampingan secara sosial yang lebih baik”.

Di tempat-tempat lain di dunia pakaian mengungkapkan semakin dibatasi. Sementara di Provinsi Aceh di Indonesia pakaian ketat dilarang masuk ke disko apapun di kota mereka dari Worcester dilarang empat kali lipat, ibu 28 tahun. Wanita itu “terlalu tua” untuk pakaian ketat mereka. Sebuah Kejuaraan Catur Eropa di Turki, pada gilirannya, perempuan diperbolehkan untuk memakai apapun out lebar. Jadi ada kecenderungan yang sama di seluruh dunia. Namun, definisi dari apa yang merupakan “pakaian yang layak”, bervariasi dari tempat ke tempat. Jadi wartawan Sudan Lubna Ahmed Hussein pada tahun 2009 diberi hukuman penjara satu bulan. Penalaran dari Pengadilan: “tidak senonoh pakaian”. Dan apa kejahatan mereka? Wartawan mengenakan sepasang celana.

Jika pola yang muncul di sini adalah tidak jelas, saya berbicara keluar sekarang: Dalam semua larangan ini datang untuk pakaian wanita! Apakah itu memveto celana atau rok mini, pakaian untuk mengungkapkan atau tidak mengungkapkan cukup berputar, tujuan dress code ini selalu perempuan.

Namun, beberapa pembatasan juga berlaku untuk laki-laki. Jadi di beberapa sekolah dan masyarakat AS mengenakan “karung membentuk” Pants – dikenakan oleh beberapa pria jauh di bawah pinggul, dan dengan demikian menunjukkan pakaian dalam – dilarang. Di Iran, di mana perempuan diwajibkan oleh hukum untuk mengenakan jilbab kepala, pemerintah   toko online batik dikenal terhadap mengenakan “terlalu Barat” pakaian sebelumnya. Kadang-kadang celana jaket terlalu ketat atau terlalu pendek; sering seorang wanita menunjukkan terlalu banyak rambut. Sebagai seorang wanita, hampir tidak mungkin untuk melarikan diri dari polisi moral. Untuk menghindari dituduh diskriminasi (pemerintah Iran ada tidak begitu), mengatakan pemerintah Iran pada 2011 yang gaya rambut glamor dan kalung adalah kecerobohan untuk laki-laki.

Sementara itu, laki-laki tidak harus memakai pakaian perempuan di Guyana. Namun sebelum kita membentuk opini tentang pemerintah Guyana dari tim perdebatan tentang kebebasan berekspresi, kita harus melihat sesuatu yang lebih dekat adat istiadat kita sendiri. siswa,


In the illustrated book “Das große Buch der Wohnstile”, author Delia Fischer, founder of Westwing, describes various residential styles and how to implement them appropriately.

A wonderfully inspiring work for stylish living and the right fashion. At the beginning of each style chapter, she shows a so-called Moodboard, in which fashion also plays a role. Eight different styles are presented from Boho to Puritian, Glamor to Classic.


When you look at these boards, you react spontaneously and emotionally:
“Oh, wow!” Or “never ever!” And you already know where your own (wish) home style is.
After the Moodboards, which also a small list with relevant brands deliver, various Dekotipps follow and an example with typical representatives of the respective Wohnstils. You can see real existing dwellings of people from the circle of acquaintances of the author.

The next most interesting part shows how one can create completely different rooms with the same furniture 8 different rooms: Before-After Examples of hallway and bedroom and living room …

This is the same as when styling a neutral trousers suit. And in the end, of course, the question is: What can you read from your home style for your personal fashion style and vice versa?
The author looks quite relaxed:

“Nobody says you have to choose a style. But if one knows all the tones, one can best compose. “


Kenza Drider addresses the media as she demonstrates against the ban of the ‘niqab’ or full-face veil in public places, outside Notre-Dame cathedral on April 11, 2011 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
Man kann es sich kaum vorstellen, aber bis zum Jahr 2010 mussten Pariser Frauen laut Gesetz eine Genehmigung von der Polizei einholen, um „Männerkleidung“ tragen zu dürfen. Dieses archaische Gesetz wurde 2010 zwar endgültig aufgehoben – und war lange in der Praxis unerheblich – doch weniger als ein Jahr später wurde ein neues Kleidungsverbot eingeführt. Als erstes europäisches Land verbot Frankreich öffentlich das Tragen von Burkas (Gesichtsschleier, den manche Muslime als Bestandteil ihrer Religion ansehen).

Frankreich ist mit dieser Einstellung nicht alleine. Auf der ganzen Welt ist das Verbot dieses Kleidungsstücks momentan en vogue: Belgien und die Niederlande zum Beispiel haben sich Frankreich mit ihrem eigenen Burka-Verbot angeschlossen (doch die Auflösung der holländischen Koalitionsregierung, der auch Geert Wilders rechtsradikale Freiheitspartei angehört, könnte eine Umkehr möglich machen). Etwas subtiler waren da die Usbeken: Sie haben ein mündliches Verbot gegen den Verkauf islamischer Kleidung von Markthändlern erlassen. Somit wurde der Kauf und Verkauf dieser Kleidungsstücke in den Schwarzmarkt getrieben. (Dabei werden Bilder hervorgerufen, wie Markthändler mit Nicken und Zwinkern einer Frau unterm Tisch einen Hijab zuspielen).

Ähnlich sieht es im Kosovo aus, wo der Kopfschleier in staatlichen Schulen verboten ist und im säkularen Tunesien und in der Türkei, wo dieses Verbot in allen öffentlichen Institutionen gilt. In der Türkei bedeutet das laut der New York Times, dass Frauen nicht in Gerichten, Krankenhäusern oder im Parlament arbeiten können. Die selbst von Hochglanzmagazinen und Frauenrechtsaktivisten vertretene Einstellung der Öffentlichkeit befindet sich jedoch im Umbruch. Wie der bereits genannte New York Times Artikel berichtet, wird das Kleidungsstück nicht mehr automatisch mit der sozialen Unterschicht oder weniger gebildeten Menschen assoziiert. Warum ist dieses Kleidungsstück trotzdem weiterhin so umstritten? Von Frankreich bis Tunesien werden oft dieselben Argumente für das Verbot geliefert: Dem Anstieg des islamischen Extremismus müsse Einhalt geboten werden und Frauen müssten befreit werden. Außerdem seien Gesichtsschleier einfach allgemein unpraktisch.

In eine ganz andere Richtung ging das Verbot von Miniröcken, das 2010 im italienischen Ferienort Castellammare di Stabia erlassen wurde. Das Verbot war eine von vielen Maßnahmen, die der Bürgermeister des Ortes gegen „asoziales Verhalten“ einführte. Schließlich würde das Verbot dazu beitragen, „die städtische Anständigkeit wiederherzustellen und ein besseres gesellschaftliches Zusammenleben zu ermöglichen“.

Auch an anderen Orten der Welt wird freizügige Kleidung zunehmend eingeschränkt. Während in der indonesischen Provinz Aceh enge Kleidung verboten wurde, wurde einer vierfachen, 28-jährigen Mutter der Zutritt zu jeder Disko in ihrer Stadt Worcester untersagt. Die Frau sei „zu alt“ für ihre knappe Kleidung. Bei einer europäischen Schachmeisterschaft in der Türkei wiederum durften Frauen keine weiten Ausschnitte tragen. Es gibt also weltweit ähnliche Tendenzen. Jedoch die Definition dessen, was „anständige Kleidung“ ausmacht, ist von Ort zu Ort verschieden. So bekam die sudanesische Journalistin Lubna Ahmed Hussein 2009 eine Haftstrafe von einem Monat. Begründung des Urteils: „ unanständige Kleidung“. Und was war ihr Vergehen? Die Journalistin trug eine Hose.

Falls das Muster, das sich hier abzeichnet noch nicht offensichtlich ist, spreche ich es nun aus: Bei all diesen Verboten geht es um Frauenkleidung! Ob es sich um ein Veto gegen Hosen oder Miniröcke, Kleidung die zu enthüllend oder nicht enthüllend genug ist, dreht, das Ziel dieser Kleiderordnung sind immer Frauen.

Dennoch gelten manche Verbote auch für Männer. So ist in manchen US-amerikanischen Schulen und Gemeinden das Tragen „sackender“ Hosen – die von manchen Männern weit unter der Hüfte getragen werden und somit die Unterwäsche zeigen – verboten. Auch im Iran, wo Frauen gesetzlich verpflichtet sind einen Kopfschleier zu tragen, geht die Regierung bekannterweise gegen das Tragen „zu westlicher“ Kleidung vor. Manchmal sind die Hosen zu eng oder die Jacke zu kurz; oftmals zeigt die Frau zu viel Haar. Als Frau ist es fast unmöglich der Moralpolizei zu entkommen. Um nicht der Diskriminierung beschuldigt zu werden (die iranische Regierung ist da ja nicht so), erklärten die iranischen Behörden 2011, dass glamouröse Frisuren und Halsketten für Männer ein modischer Fauxpas seien.

Währenddessen dürfen Männer in Guyana keine Frauenkleidung tragen. Doch bevor wir aus dem Team der Debatte zur Meinungsfreiheit uns ein Urteil über die guyanische Regierung bilden, sollten wir uns unsere eigenen Bräuche etwas näher anschauen. Studentinnen und Studenten,

The way one dresses, one works

The way one dresses, one works
Bernadette Teuschl Clothes, Welfare General
Today is a topic that has nothing to do with Aloe Vera and still fits the general well-being – our clothes!

In principle everyone can wear in their everyday life what they like. The limits are where the feelings of others might be violated. A shining example of this would be the jogging suit at a funeral.

Whom it is important, what impression you leave, should nevertheless take the following things into consideration:

Always adapted to the occasion and generally rather overdressed than too casual.

Both the private and the professional can be enhanced by the right color. In this way, the human being is associated with the occupational and social position.

Black and white always looks serious and respectful, so they are always a good grip on formal occasions such as burials, opera visits, court proceedings.

Black, dark blue and gray radiance exude competence and seriousness. The idea “the higher the position, the darker the suit” can be explained well. For ladies, of course, the same applies to costume and trousers suit. This fact can also be seen in the selection of the clothes for job interviews or as a lecturer.

Pink is, in any case, dared. In business day almost a killerfarbe. The associations range from subservience, naivete to harmony at any cost. However, it can also give softer and more advantageous features, sometimes even radiate a certain amount of heat.

This depends strongly on the type (complexion, facial features, hair, radiance). This also applies to all other colors and the corresponding nuances. Green is not green, there is an apple, emerald, yellow or olive green, and every single color has a different effect on every person. Sometimes even on the same people on different days.

If you want to know exactly, investing in a color advice can be quite revealing and rewarding.


And now I remember how I can close the circle to the aloe!
As our clothing comes directly on our largest organ, the skin, it is not unimportant to take a closer look at the detergent for our clothes. Because everything that comes on our skin, also reaches our body. In addition to healthy nutrition and good cosmetic products, you can also do something good for yourself. And do not forget to wash new garments before first wearing. Since the majority of these garments have to survive an often monthly trip by shipcontainer, they are treated with chemicals (eg for pest control or prevention of pest infestation).

I highly recommend our FOREVER Aloe MPD Multi Purpose Cleaner.

This concentrated all-purpose cleaner with the nourishing effect of Aloe Vera can be used for washing, as a hand washing detergent and as a cleaning agent and is of course biodegradable.

Please click on the picture to order.



Laetitia Casta with a white evening robe and sinful red lips – even on the red carpet, a Parisian appears elegant and feminine

En Vogue: Caroline de Maigret, one of the four authors of “How to be Parisian”, knows, of course – as you can see here – what the Parisian chic and the like. : Keeping your attitude and a smile on your lips

Photo: Getty Images
Exactly the same: the real French woman – here Vanessa Paradis in the dandy look – loves to transform. Sometimes superelegant, sometimes casual in the street style. Sometimes fairy flatter dress, sometimes smart suit

Photo: Getty Images
Everything went right: Charlotte Gainsbourg wears the casual Paris look – supernatural make-up + pretty trend-cut + refined dress – naturally high shoes!

Photo: Getty Images
Oh la la! Marine Vacth presents here the seduction in Parisian style – girlish makeup, romantic curls and the slightly confused look. Not at all dangerous

Photo: Getty Images
Laetitia Casta with a white evening robe and sinful red lips – even on the red carpet, a Parisian appears elegant and feminine

Photo: PR
The Style Bible: “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are”

Photo: Getty Images
En Vogue: Caroline de Maigret, one of the four authors of “How to be Parisian”, knows, of course – as you can see here – what the Parisian chic and the like. : Keeping your attitude and a smile on your lips

Photo: Getty Images
Exactly the same: the real French woman – here Vanessa Paradis in the dandy look – loves to transform. Sometimes superelegant, sometimes casual in the street style. Sometimes fairy flatter dress, sometimes smart suit
How good that these four French girls have met. How good that they have a brilliant idea really put into action! Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas have written a style Bible, the book “How to be Parisian – Wherever you are” (Random House, 20 Euro), explaining to all the women of the world ( Finally, the charm of Parisian charm and chics, how to dress, how to dress up, when to find the perfumes of his life, how to behave fabulous at a party, and, of course, how to get men without much fuss , A German-language book, which does not use the know-how or the sense of the finger-finger, but is rather amusing from the first line onwards. “You do not have to be French to be a Parisian”, says Karl Lagerfeld Here are the best quotes from the book, which will make us all a Parisian:

Dress according to age: Well styled at any age

Dress according to age: Well styled at any age

What we wear carries our thoughts and feelings outwards. Clothing makes them visible to all. Consciously and unconsciously. Some women think that the aging process can be stopped with youthful clothing. Young women are supposed to be more respectful through more sophisticated clothing. Clothing, however, can neither rejuvenate nor age. But it can underline our personality and our appearance. However, only if we dress up properly according to age.

Admittedly, a 20-year-old looks much more crisp and fresher than a woman in the middle of 40. Hollywoodstar Gwyneth Paltrow, who claims to have the body of a young stripper, can not ignore (especially Mrs. Paltrow up to 18,000 euros Monthly invested in their appearance.). Women as they should know that the clothes not only serve to accentuate a bombastic figure, or to conceal old-fashioned phenomena; rather, clothing also shows where woman stands in her life. True to the saying: clothes make people, woman can choose how she wants to present herself. It can be “White Trash” or show itself as a lover of beautiful, selected things.

Dress up age & save embarrassing gigs

Who of us does not know them, these women, who apparently have not understood that they too are getting older. This “Forever Young” type of dome runs after an ideal that can not be achieved from a biological point of view. The aging process can not be stopped. Instead of adjusting the outer to youthful, it would be much easier to recognize that life also increases with age. The interests are changing and we should learn to accept them.

Dress up according to age- Anna dello Russo
Anna dello Russo is a style icon. Other women on the other side of the 50 would probably not look so smart and youthful.

Fashion is meant to underline the beauty of women of all ages. Every trend can be implemented according to age. You only have to know how. So instead of squeezing at the end of the 30th in a colorful, glossy leggings, you can just as well with accessories that are less noticeable, this trend.

Mini, Midi, Maxi – What rock length can it be?

The midi skirt is just as trendy as a pleated skirt in the metallic look.

The fact that the mini underlines the youth of a woman in her early twenties, we have already mentioned. However, the older we get, the longer our skirts will be. It just looks silly, if the skirt of a woman at the age of 35 years to just under the allergenest ranges. Much more beautiful is a skirt that ends just above the knee. Midi and Maxiröcke are particularly popular. The lengths range from the middle of the calf to the ankles. That is all of us. No matter how old we are.

Sneaker: When are we too old for Chucks?

In the case of Sneakers the spirits are separated. Since their form and design are currently heavily fashionable and the comfortable treads are no longer worn exclusively for sports, we should consider the type of sneaker we want to wear on our feet. The choice is great: there are numerous

The Converse Chucks are available in different colors & with trendy prints.

Retromodelle on the market, which reminds for instance of the 70s (for example, these sneakers from New Balance – model 420, which are available at Amazon). Also the universally – particularly with Teens and Twens – popular Chucks fall into this category. But is there actually an age from which we should not wear chucks anymore?

Of course not. It depends more on how the sneakers are combined with the rest of the outfit. Chucks are a sensible addition to tube jeans or the popular torn denim for women in their twenties. If you are older and do not want to miss out on the popular treads, you can also wear clothings and less figurative jeans. The same applies to other retrosneakers. After all, we want to create a sporty leisure look.